Sachar hatte zum Interview zwei weitere Fragen an den Gründer. Habe erneut das Kontaktformular genutzt und dieses Mal statt in 12 Minuten in 8 Minuten von Peter Sunde eine Antwort bekommen, irre :))
1.) Will it be possible to pay more than 20 Euros if you want to flattr somebody or flattr at whole above 20 Euros per month
Yes, later today hopefully (when we release the newest version, we usually do new releases every thursday). :-)

2.) You communicate via facebook too, but he has the impression flattr would communicate very slowly there. I think thats something like a critic :)
Well, we’re not really facebookers to be honest. We’ve added the page and integrated it to our Hootsuite to push things, but we try to keep our discussions on our own Forum. It’s partly political – yes, everybody „needs“ to be on Facebook, but we don’t want to support them having control over our discussions!