sagt wer? Eine Analyse laut „CO2 Emission caused by Tweets„.

Every tweet will be read by 2778 followers – requiring arround 2 seconds each. You need arround 30 seconds to write one tweet – you post one every 0.01 hours (calculated out of your last 20 tweets) or 665760 posts per year. Requiring arround 1033037 hours a computer turned on. A standard computer consums arround 250W per hour. 1 KWh causes an average of 0.59kg CO2 – or 1.14 pounds

Making for the user RobGreen:
152373kg / 335925lbs of CO2 yearly for twittering!

Ui, dann dürfen sich die Follower auf was gefasst machen. Ach ja, wann kommt die Ökosteuer für PCs?